About Us

At Herbal-Army.com, we offer a vast selection of fine products and top brands ranging from dietary and nutritional supplement, fitnet devices to skin care. As always, we are dedicated to providing high quality yet affordable products aside from traditional western remedies. Our dedication to help you improve your well being extends our efforts and pursuit to continuously offer the best pricing, service, and products that will well suit your needs. 


Our Proud Affiliated Partner and Consultant

With us dedicated to providing high quality and affordable products for your well being, we are also proud to position ourselves apart from other competitors by only selecting some of the best products that are recommended by our professional advisor, Dr. William F. Woo from Fuk Yin Tong Herbal Trading Centre, Los Angeles CA.

Dr. Woo, who has more than twenty years of experience in treating and diagnosing diseases using traditional Chinese herbal medicine and remedies, is currently a renowned herbalist doctor around Los Angeles area. Dr. Woo has become one of our most important affiliate partners and offers valuable advice in the hopes of introducing the powerful benefits of herbal medicine to more people and communities. Visit Dr.William Woo's website now


“New Force for Well Being”

Taking care of your well being has never been so easy and convenient. All of the herbal products that we offer at Herbal-Army.com are made of fine natural herbs and plants. With innovative technology, we are converting traditional herbal medicine that requires hours of slow cooking into something new and cutting edge, in which raw herbal plants are blended and made into capsules, powder, liquid form, or tablets that is absolutely convenient for people of all age to take without any nasty taste or hassle of cooking.

Whether you are in your early 20’s or 80s, at Herbal-Army.com, we firmly believe that ‘beauty comes from within.’  It is never too early or late to look healthy and beautiful at any age. Let your beauty shine through from inside to out through starting from your internal body system.

As we always adhere to the above principle, we also demand greater than great standards in terms of ingredients safety, product potency, quality control, as well as customer’s overall shopping experience at our site. If you have any comments or feedback regarding our site, we would love to hear from you! Please help us improve our service at customerservice@herbal-army.com. Thank you for shopping at Herbal-Army.com



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